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Connect broadband in chandigarh

Obviously you have heard about CONNECT broadband service, which mainly serves home broadband connections, commercial Internet leased line and voice telephone services in chandigarh and Punjab. As per our survey, more than 37% of total internet users (including both wired & wireless) are enjoying CONNECT broadband service. In home and commercial broadband segment. CONNECT offers up to 100 Mbps internet speed through FTTH optical fiber. Maximum of area in Chandigarh is covered by wired DSL internet network, which offers up to 24 Mbps speed (with VDSL). Here on this page, We will tell you simple DSL plans for chandigarh, mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur Kharar and derabassi.

Connect broadband plans for Chandigarh

Monthly Rent ↓  Details of speed & data ↓
₹ 699 ➤ up to 8 Mbps till 35 GB & after this 1 Mbps 
₹ 799 ➤ up to 8 Mbps till 50 GB & after this 1 Mbps 
₹ 999 ➤ up to 8 Mbps till 75 GB & after this 1 Mbps 
 ₹ 1299 ➤ up to 8 Mbps till 125 GB & after this 2 Mbps 
 ₹ 1499 ➤ up to 8 Mbps till 150 GB & after this 2 Mbps 
 ₹ 1799 ➤ up to 8 Mbps till 200 GB & after this 2 Mbps 
 ₹ 1999 ➤ up to 8 Mbps till 250 GB & after this 2 Mbps 
 ₹ 2499 ➤ up to 8 Mbps till 300 GB & after this 2 Mbps 
 ₹ 2999 ➤ up to 8 Mbps till 500 GB & after this 2 Mbps 
 ₹ 3999 ➤ up to 8 Mbps till 1000 GB GB & after this 2 Mbps 

Exploring details about CONNECT Broadband services in chandigarh. Connect broadband connection let you access high speed internet access at genuine & affordable prices. Join the best internet network – Apply here online for new Connect broadband connection at Chandigarh area / Mohali / Panchkula. Improving resources for Internet connectivity in Chandigarh tricity. Offering you maximum variety of tariff plans from ‘Connect broadband’ services in chandigarh area. We make you easy to choose the right broadband plan for your domestic & business places. Bringing fast ever internet services to your office & home at all areas / sectors of chandigarh including industrial area phase 1 & ph-2. CONNECT  offers fast internet connectivity to make your online work quickly finished without any buffering.  Get up to 3x faster download / upload / surfing speeds with ‘CONNECT broadband’ connection in chandigarh, panchkula and Mohali. Very low or free activation let you get linked to internet though ADSL2+ router cum modem cost effectively. Unbeatable combination of speed & prices, make Connect internet services first choice of broadband users of chandigarh. So get the smarter & faster broadband service with better tariff options – book your new connect broadband connection online here through platform.

You will always see here latest information of “CONNECT broadband” unlimited plans for chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Zirakpur Kharar and derabassi locations. More interesting things are also there on this website,, like FTTH tariffs, satellite internet setup, optical cable, Ethernet EoC, WiMax rentals, Installation procedure, Contact number, online booking etc. Please select right option from top/side menu.  Connect serve you best broadband network in every phase/ sector / area of your home town Chandigarh, Panchkula, Greater Mohali, Kharar, derabassi and Zirakpur.